Project Sullivan

To document in pictures one year in the life of our family.

**waking up after nap time
**children’s garden at the Austin botanical gardens
**local strawberries
**we’ve already logged a few hours at the pool, and playing by the beautiful mural
**the nice farmers at boggy creek farm, in easy Austin, let the kids go pick their own strawberries
**garneau mostly ran around and picked white ones, but saskia filled our little basket with nice, plump, red ones.
**hat weather. And stick your tongue out weather, apparently.
**finally figured out how to swing like a monkey, and thrilled about it.
**turtle watching on campus
**ice cream date!

Around the house, lately.

We had crêpes with chocolate last week for dessert, and I think this was Garneau’s first taste of the good stuff.  He liked it.  A lot. This boy has a serious sweet tooth, making his mama proud.

It’s getting warmer in Austin, which makes for very slow wake ups from nap time. Yesterday. Garneau lounged on Saskia’s lap for a good 10 minutes, which is amazing since he really hardly ever sits still.

Lots of naked time in the yard, too.

A few cute ones from last week.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

The wildflowers have been blooming on the side of the highways around Austin for a few weeks now, so we popped over to the wildflower center this morning to see if we could see some up close. We did!

We were a bit early for the fields in the park, but the gardens inside the wildflower center compound were lovely and we had a good time exploring around nonetheless.

There is beautiful stonework all around.

Snacks to be had.

And lots of bluebonnets to see.  (And try to not touch.)

Yay for Spring!

**the new children’s museum has yet to loose its novelty.
**both kiddos are dual citizens!
**now that Garneau can eat eggs, gluten and dairy, we’ve been going to easy tiger a lot.
**pjnk flamingoes at the San Antonio zoo.
**bluebonnets are out!
**sketching at the museum. Saskia is serious about her art.
**this is how Garneau goes about life.
**splash pad season has begun!
**flags on a very windy Wednesday.
**there we are, at the bakery AGAIN!


Garneau is an enthusiastic breakfast eater. He pretty much wants to eat right when he wakes up, and will eat anything we give him.  Current favorites are eggs and oatmeal. Mangos, bananas and apples are very popular. Cheese and seaweed trump everything.

I took him for his 18 months check up yesterday, and he is (not surprisingly) off the charts in height and 95th percentile for weight.  Big old head too.

 He is still fine tuning his utensil use, but he gets the job done one way or another. Oatmeal is especially messy.  He seems to really enjoy being messy.

Saskia, meanwhile, has been having the same breakfast for as long as I can remember: plain yogurt, a drizzle of honey, with a generous sprinkle of raw oats. She asks for it every morning, apart for if I’m making pancakes. Pancakes are still #1.

Once done with breakfast, Saskia moves on to important morning activities such as coloring, cutting and taking care of her baby. (Thanks, Sandy, for the paper and stickers! She is very excited about the flowers and the birds!)

Somewhere in there, I corner her and the daily hair brushing showdown happens.  Saskia reminds me every morning that she really doesn’t like having her hair brushed. Garneau usually gets in the mix too, out of solidarity I guess.

And then, we get on with the rest of the day.

A year and a half.

On Saturday, Garneau turned 18 months and we took the kids to the San Antonio zoo.  Above is Garneau in the car, on the way to the zoo. He is eating a piece of bread and cradling a recycling truck, his favorite toy as of late.  I don’t have any other pictures of the day - it was raining when we got to the zoo, so I decided to leave my camera safely inside the car - but this shot is quite representative of Garneau these days.  He loves trucks, cars, buses, taxis and all kinds of big machines.  He loves bread and as soon as we approach the bread section of the grocery store (or walk in to the bakery), he starts asking (crying?) for a slice. He sleeps with his little giraffe blanket every afternoon and night. Yesterday, we were riding through downtown and he started saying ‘taxi’ very clearly every time we saw one. He also likes to point out every single cone we pass. Other likes include holding hands, firetrucks, tricycling, anything his big sister is doing, looking at books, painting, bath time, pulling out all the books at the library during story time, playing in the sand, playing at the park, going swimming at the Y, riding in Ryan’s big blue truck, and the list goes on.

The last couple of weeks have also brought a few nights of sleeping the whole night in his bed, which is really, really nice for the whole family, to say the least. 

Happy 18 months, big boy!

The city is iced over again this morning so we are doing a little baking and watching the national zoo panda cam. The baby panda’s name is Bao Bao, and Garneau is completely smitten by her!

Museum kids.
(From the top)
**i think the highlight of our visit for saskia is parking in the parking garage. She just loves the parking garage.
**the Blanton has a beautiful lobby with blue walls.
**crazy dance exhibit.
**playroom fun.
**playroom fun 2.
**the penny pit. Saskia is sitting, playing nicely, Garneau is running around trying to escape. Very typical.
**once he is strapped in, Garneau does slow down and appreciate art.