Project Sullivan

To document in pictures one year in the life of our family.

Lately… Breckenridge edition.
**we’ve been a hiking or biking family everyday. Going high in the alpine is one of my favorite things to do as a family, even if it’s not the easiest (hmm hmm Garneau).
** our rental house came with a hot tub, aka ‘une petite piscine’ according to the kids.
**saskia has been ripping around on singletrack. Amazing and a bit scary.
**garneau mostly has to stay in the ergo on our hikes, but when we stop for breaks or picnics he likes to explore and jump off rocks.
**there is an amazing bike path from breck all the way to vail (and beyond). Saskia has tackled the road to frisco, then to copper mountain. She likes to ring the bell three times when in need of ‘cruise control’, aka Ryan’s right hand giving a little help up the hills.
**scree field hiking by northstar.
**garneau, not convinced it’s better in the ergo.
**happy hiker.
**ice cream date in town.

Colorado Springs and the Tarryalls.

We spent the first week of our time in Colorado staying at our friend Lin’s house and exploring the city. Towards the end of our stay, we went on a great hike in town and the kids got to climb around those beautiful red rocks.

After about a week and a half in town, we then headed towards Breckenridge via the Tarryall valley.

A little stop at Valley of the Chickens, our old OWA stomping grounds.

Not appropriate footwear.

The Tarryall valley.

Onwards to Breckenridge!

Roadtrip 2014: leg 1 to Colorado Springs.

This spring has been all about the bike for Saskia. She started being able to ride on her own last summer, but it’s not until early this spring that she became really excited about it. She’s recently figured out how to coast, how to stand up on her pedals, and when she’s really having a good time, she sticks her legs out on either side of her bike. We’ve been trying to encourage her without pushing too much, but it is just so exciting to me that our daughter enjoys doing something I like to do and that we can do it together!
We’ve been riding around town, to the grocery store, to the park, to the bike park to ride the pump track, to the library, around the lake and even to soccer practice. On one cool morning, saskia rode 10 miles like it was no problem. I am so proud of that little girl, and I’m really, really looking forward the many more family rides this summer.

A couple of weeks ago, we packed up in the car for a quick day trip to San Antonio. We visited the zoo for the second time this year (double hippo moon!!), and also ate some corn, rode the carrousel, and visited with tío pj before his move to Tucson.
Saskia insisted on a picture of her in front of the giant pink S. The kangaroos are my favorite!

**saskia rode 8 miles on Sunday, like a boss. I was beyond proud. And I had to insist on heading home, she wanted to keep going.
**riding home after pizza, basically every Wednesday. We are creatures of habit.
**that’s a ‘just heard thunder’ face.
**bouncing on the trampoline.
**strawberry popsicles after picking blackberries.
**harry ransom center visit.
**cute faces.
**dirt jump day.
**garneau started riding the balance bike a bit, and he is beyond excited about it.
**sometimes saskia tucks in her dress in her underwear and it’s pretty cute.

**splash pads are pretty amazing for a little boy.
**saskia conquered the bike park.
**pump track!
**peaches at the park. Local peaches are ripe and delicious right now.
**taco stop.
**it’s saltwater sandal season!
** UT tower on a stormy Saturday.
**the campus is their playground some days.
**bicycling around with my sidekicks.
**littlefield fountain would make an amazing splash pad. (Saskia is checking the water temperature.)

**my crew next to the blue whole in wimberley.
**hill country sunsets.
**pain au chocolat on the go.
**beach day on lake austin.
** exploring the greenbelt, climbing around.
**exploring the greenbelt, getting as dirty as humanly possible.
**hamilton pool. Saskia didn’t remember it from our previous visits, and she was blown away.
**garneau too!
**mothers day family ride. I love that saskia enjoys riding as a family!
**i was spoiled on mothers’ day - breakfast in bed, family bike ride, nap and then a solo mountain bike ride in the very dry greenbelt.


They don’t get along all day, everyday, but more and more, they can play together and are even starting to have conversations.

Happy cinco de mayo!

From the big trampoline at the farm this morning.