Project Sullivan

To document in pictures one year in the life of our family.

During our 10 or so days in Montreal, I took exactly 0 photos with our proper camera, so blurry iPhone pictures will have to do for the record keeping…
**a blustery day on the belvedere. We’ve had all kinds of weather this trip, hot, cold, rainy, windy.
**eating boiled corn on the cob at the Atwater market.
**pool day at parc Laurier.
**i love these beautiful trees in the park. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken this exact picture, probably last August.
**climbing up the classic Montreal staircase.
**meeting up with neighbors from Austin who came to visit the province.
**parc st-Michel splash pad.
**place des arts selfie.
**le fleuve!
**another shot of the marché Atwater, such a pretty one.

Lately, around lac Gervais…
** blueberry picking atop la Montagne verte. Not a great year for blueberries (thus far), but the raspberries are amazing
**storytime with opa
**riding on le petit train du nord
**doing a little work on the jeep
**gardening tutorials with Oma
**riding around mt-tremblant, saskia dropped in to a bunch of singletrack!
**playdough on the covered porch
**men on the canoe
**raspberries, raspberries, raspberries!
**and we’re now in the city! Eating bagels everyday!!



Lately, from the road…
***lots and lots of corn fields in eastern Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa.
***the Des Moines river, where we spent our first night on the road.
***driving lessons.
***the beautiful hotel lobby in Cleveland.
***the Cleveland zoo!
***west side market lunch, in Cleveland.
***still happy, after 4 days of road tripping.
***road naps x3.
***the border!!

Two Weeks in Breckenridge.

These last two weeks in Breck zoomed by and we are now hundreds of miles away in the comfort of my parents’ house in Québec. I’ve been looking through all of our pictures and there are so many amazing ones (most of them from hikes and eating donuts, did we live it up or what?) The mountains around Breckenridge are just so beautiful, it’s hard to take a bad shot! Above are a couple from the first hike after we arrived, up to the first little bump of Baldy.  The wildflowers this year are amazing (I’m guessing because of the massive snow they had over the winter) and eventhough we tried to adhere to the ‘take only pictures, leave only footprints’ way of hiking, it was sometimes too hard to resist picking a few.

Family shot at Wheeler lake.  This was probably my favorite hike - the valley up to the lake is beautiful and then the lake itself is incredible, surrounded by 13,000 and 14,000 ft peaks and still draped in snow. The lake  had a whole lot of ice floating in it, so we obviously had to go and stand on it! (And then the ice broke while I was trying to get down with Saskia and we got really wet and cold and it was a good lesson in not being a dumbass.)

Garneau was mostly a good sport about being in the ergo.  This boy is such an adventurer, sometimes he just couldn’t take having to stick with his mama. Saskia was our trailblazer and completed most of the hikes on her own, with the occasional ride on Ryan’s back and shoulders.

Another day, another hike!

This time on the Northstar ridge, where there was still lots of snow and Saskia and I traversed a couple really big snow fields on the way down.  She dug in her heels, like a pro.

Yellow flowers as far as the eye can see.

We had a picnic on a little shoulder in the scree instead of going for the summit with the rest of the group and the kids loved playing around with the rocks. It’s always refreshing to see how little kids need to be happy and play.

One last one because it is too good:

Until next time, Breckenridge! We absolutely can’t wait to be back in those mountains!

Lately… Breckenridge edition.
**we’ve been a hiking or biking family everyday. Going high in the alpine is one of my favorite things to do as a family, even if it’s not the easiest (hmm hmm Garneau).
** our rental house came with a hot tub, aka ‘une petite piscine’ according to the kids.
**saskia has been ripping around on singletrack. Amazing and a bit scary.
**garneau mostly has to stay in the ergo on our hikes, but when we stop for breaks or picnics he likes to explore and jump off rocks.
**there is an amazing bike path from breck all the way to vail (and beyond). Saskia has tackled the road to frisco, then to copper mountain. She likes to ring the bell three times when in need of ‘cruise control’, aka Ryan’s right hand giving a little help up the hills.
**scree field hiking by northstar.
**garneau, not convinced it’s better in the ergo.
**happy hiker.
**ice cream date in town.

Colorado Springs and the Tarryalls.

We spent the first week of our time in Colorado staying at our friend Lin’s house and exploring the city. Towards the end of our stay, we went on a great hike in town and the kids got to climb around those beautiful red rocks.

After about a week and a half in town, we then headed towards Breckenridge via the Tarryall valley.

A little stop at Valley of the Chickens, our old OWA stomping grounds.

Not appropriate footwear.

The Tarryall valley.

Onwards to Breckenridge!

Roadtrip 2014: leg 1 to Colorado Springs.

This spring has been all about the bike for Saskia. She started being able to ride on her own last summer, but it’s not until early this spring that she became really excited about it. She’s recently figured out how to coast, how to stand up on her pedals, and when she’s really having a good time, she sticks her legs out on either side of her bike. We’ve been trying to encourage her without pushing too much, but it is just so exciting to me that our daughter enjoys doing something I like to do and that we can do it together!
We’ve been riding around town, to the grocery store, to the park, to the bike park to ride the pump track, to the library, around the lake and even to soccer practice. On one cool morning, saskia rode 10 miles like it was no problem. I am so proud of that little girl, and I’m really, really looking forward the many more family rides this summer.

A couple of weeks ago, we packed up in the car for a quick day trip to San Antonio. We visited the zoo for the second time this year (double hippo moon!!), and also ate some corn, rode the carrousel, and visited with tío pj before his move to Tucson.
Saskia insisted on a picture of her in front of the giant pink S. The kangaroos are my favorite!